Change is Good

Change is Good - Episode 1

September 03, 2020 David Hachez Season 1 Episode 1
Change is Good
Change is Good - Episode 1
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Who I am? 

  • I am David Hachez, an entrepreneur, change practitioner, enneagram coach and passionate golfer working in the digital business for over more than 20 years 

Why I do this? 

  • Share my experience, thoughts and personal findings to provide insights to people who want to become an improved version of themselves in their environment (private of professional); I hope this content will be relevant to you. 

Part 1 - Change related topic: My personal change by diving into podcasting 

  • What I change today ? 
  • Why now? 
  • What happens if I don't do it? 
  • What are the expected outcomes? 

Part 2 - Winner / Loser 

  • What has caught my attention in the last few days in terms of change? 
    • The Unilever claim to go green (get rid of oil in their products by 2030) and Microsoft joining the Corporate Leaders Group Europe 
    • This section is inspired by Joseph Jaffe a very famous podcaster and expert in change who I know for years. So thank you Joseph (link to your podcast in the notes)

Part 3 -  A call to action / Challenge

  • Change one thing in your daily routine and see what it produces (it can be the smallest thing)
  • Share what you changed? Share what it delivered as outcomes?


Sponsor / Disclaimer 

  • This podcast is brought to you thanks to Business Elements, Transforming data into intelligent relationships 
  • Disclaimer: I currently work as a change practitioner at Business Elements working on IT projects to make sure that the people side of the technology change is managed. 

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Why the podcast?
Introduction to Episode 1
Topic #1 - change topic
Topic #2 - change in the news
Topic #3 - change on your side